C-I Leasing: Short-Term Financial Risk Management


The business was preparing its books for the year 2022 Financial Statement Audit and presentation to the firm Audit Committee and Investors. An expert assessment of the financial risk within the firm current assets was required.

What we Did

  1. Critically examine the extent of the financial risk presented in the firm financial statement in line with the relevant and best-in-class accounting policies.
  2. Carry out a test of control and test of detail on the presentation of the firm short-term financial risk. 
  3. Recompute and validate the final amount reported to the component auditors on the firm short-term Financial Risk exposure. 
  4. Classify and present appropriately the firm short-term financial risk.

Value Delivered

An estimation of the short-term financial risk in line with best-in-class and relevant financial accounting and reporting standards as required by the component auditors.

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